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Tae Kwon Do

The Art of the Foot and Fist

Tae Kwon Do translates from Korean loosely as “the art of the foot and fist.” If you’re seeking fast-paced fighting action, then this sport is for you.

With its roots in Korean tae kyon and subak, tae kwon do is known for its extensive use of high standing kicks, jumping kicks, spinning kicks, and punches. We’ll teach you these techniques individually, then show you how to choreograph them into fighting sequences. You’ll also enjoy extensive sparring in our tae kwon do classes, having an exciting combat experience in each one.

Many martial arts schools teach sport tae kwon do and certainly you will learn those elements from us; however, Missouri Martial Arts specializes in traditional tae kwon do instruction. This means that our emphasis is on the development of powerful kicking techniques that are suitable for self-defense applications.

Whether you are looking for heavy combat or just an “attitude-free” place to increase your physical fitness, Missouri Martial Arts offers the right workout for you.


What kind of movements will I learn?

As a new tae kwon do student, you will start off by learning basic kicks, such as the front kick, roundhouse, and side snap kick. You will also learn the basic horse riding stance, stepping, and punching. We’ll show you how these basic movements flow together as we teach you tae kwon do forms. Forms are stylized fighting sequences. As you practice them, you’ll learn to instinctively react to attacks with proper kicks, blocks, and punches. Your forms will become increasingly complex as your skills develop. By the time you reach black belt, you’ll have learned approximately eight form sequences and be able to perform them fluidly.

From a kicking perspective, the basic kicks you learn as a white belt will evolve into challenging jumping, spinning, or flying versions. We offer unique training equipment to assist you with this learning. Our specialty, for example, is using our hanging bags to help our students develop devastatingly powerful kicks.

How do your students train?

Missouri Martial Arts students train in a variety of ways, including calisthenics, stretching, form practice, hand targets, heavy bag work, light sparring, and heavy sparring with pads. We keep our class content fresh through a variety of exercises, such as board breaking, line sparring, leaping/flying kicks over obstacles, speed bag kicks, and others.

What kind of uniform do your students wear?

Missouri Martial Arts students wear traditional tae kwon do uniforms, called doboks. These uniforms have lightweight V-neck cotton tops and drawstring pants designed to allow easy movement. Black belt-level uniforms incorporate a black collar to denote rank. Missouri Martial Arts does offer doboks for sale to our students. Please inquire for specifics.

How long does it take to become a black belt?

A dedicated student who attends class regularly and applies him/ herself to the art can realistically expect to earn a black belt in approximately two to three years.

What are the benefits of learning tae kwon do?

As with our judo training, we can look at the benefits of tae kwon do as being both mental as well as physical.

Mentally, tae kwon do will prepare you to think and react quickly. You’ll learn to avoid the distraction of a flurry of kicks and punches as you attack your opponent. You’ll also learn to focus power through concentration as you prepare to break boards during testing or demonstrations.

Physically, you will become stronger and more flexible. We incorporate calisthenics, stretching, and cardio into all of our workouts. The classes are progressively challenging, encouraging you to develop stamina.

Can tae kwon do be used for self-defense?

Yes, tae kwon do is an excellent self-defense art. Missouri Martial Arts teaches traditional tae kwon do, which traces its roots to the South Korean military. This is the same art which has been taught to the Korean military for decades.

Your training will include a series of kicks, punches, blocks, and strikes which are highly effective in self-defense situations. Tae kwon do takes advantage of the reach and power of the leg to keep opponents at a distance, thus providing a large zone of protection around the body.

Many elements of your tae kwon do training at Missouri Martial Arts will be full-contact. You’ll learn to reflexively respond to attacks from opponents of all shapes and sizes during energetic sparring sessions. Our goal is to teach you to act without hesitation. A fast, sure response will enable you to protect yourself well against an untrained adversary.