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The Original Mixed Martial Art

The name Judo translates as “the gentle way,” although it is anything but gentle. This fast-paced martial art demands both physical and mental dexterity, testing your sense of balance, strength, and strategy.

Judo incorporates the best techniques of jiu-jitsu into a flexible fighting art. Our judo students learn to turn their opponent’s strength and force back against them via throws, pins, joint locks, grappling, and chokes. These techniques allow a smaller opponent to subdue a much larger or stronger foe by a careful application of technique.

By safely participating in full-contact, full-force practice, our judo students are able to develop a reflexive level of mastery that often eludes students of other arts. You can see this demonstrated in modern-day mixed martial arts cage fighting matches, where judo movements are often employed with great success.

Whether you are looking for heavy combat or just an “attitude-free” place to increase your physical fitness, Missouri Martial Arts offers the right workout for you.


What kind of movements will I learn?

The first thing you will learn is how to fall. We’ll teach you to fall backwards, sideways, forwards, and then do forward rolls. As your skills sharpen, you’ll learn to perform diving rolls. Many of our students have learned to dive over obstacles up to six feet in the air and then easily roll and stop without injury.

As a white belt, we’ll teach you five basic throws as well as a pinning technique. You’ll learn additional throws/movements as you progress, each with increasing complexity.

Your overall judo education will include throws, pins, foot sweeps, joint locks, chokes, falls, and grappling. We’ll teach you these techniques through repetitive form practice, known as uchikomi, as well as randori, or free-style sparring. Such activity promotes increased strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

How do your students train?

Missouri Martial Arts students train in a variety of ways, including calisthenics, stretching, form practice, grappling, light sparring (ju renshu), and heavy sparring (randori). We keep things fresh through a variety of class exercises, such as diving over a rattan sword, circle throws, running/instant throwing, and others. Juniors are sometimes given the opportunity to grapple with the objective being to pop a balloon affixed to their opponent’s belt.

What kind of uniform do your students wear?

Missouri Martial Arts students wear traditional uniforms, called judogi. These are heavy cotton tops with thick lapels designed for grabbing and pulling. Judogis may be white or blue, per current sport judo guidelines. Missouri Martial Arts does offer judogis for sale to our students. Please inquire for specifics.

How long does it take to become a black belt?

It takes longer to earn a black belt in judo than most other martial arts. Although the minimum time requirement is five years, the average student may take slightly longer.

Here's why:

One advantage of the full contact nature of judo is that it quickly establishes whether or not a student truly understands and can apply the various techniques. It’s very easy to demonstrate a technique in quiet form practice. It’s another thing entirely when the techniques are used in a full-force match against a resisting opponent. This is why you can rest assured that your judo will be effective.

It’s a long journey to black belt, but when you get there, you’ll have achieved something you’ll be proud of and remember for the rest of your life.

What are the benefits of learning Judo?

We can look at judo benefits as being both mental as well as physical.

Mentally, judo will prepare you to deal with violent confrontations or even everyday problems. You’ll be forced to quickly size up a situation, develop a strategy, then maintain a strong level of situational awareness. Judo training will teach you to react reflexively and keep a clear mind as you seize upon opportunities to use your opponent’s size and strength against them.

Physically, you will become stronger and more flexible as you push your body. We incorporate calisthenics, stretching, and cardio into all of our workouts. The classes are progressively challenging, encouraging you to develop stamina.

Can Judo be used for self-defense?

Absolutely. Your judo training at Missouri Martial Arts will be 100% full-contact. You’ll learn to reflexively execute throwing and grappling techniques against opponents of all shapes and sizes during fast-paced sparring sessions. The bottom line is that you’ll be able to act without stopping to think through a movement. This will give you a vast edge over an untrained attacker.