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Missouri Martial Arts specializes in teaching the traditional martial arts of tae kwon do and judo, as well as yoga.

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Bob Wheeler
Owner / Instructor

As his direct students, our head instructors are honored to follow the traditional teachings of Grandmaster Chang Hee Yoon, 8th Dan. Grandmaster Yoon has passed along authentic techniques from the Kukkiwon, the official world headquarters of tae kwon do, as well as the Korean Judo Association.

If you are investigating martial arts for the first time, please take the time to visit our pages and learn what each art offers. Each has its own style and appeal. I’ve included a short video below that will highlight our exciting training in both tae kwon do and judo.

Your interest in martial arts led you to this page. As you read about what we offer, I hope that you will consider Missouri Martial Arts to be your partner in a life-long journey into martial arts.


Bob Wheeler
Owner/Head Instructor
Missouri Martial Arts.

Chang Hee Yoon

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